#5 hydrangea vanilla strawberr

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The enormous flower heads are a blend of vanilla and strawberry, held upright on red stems. Flowers emerge creamy white in midsummer, change to pink as the night temperatures drop and finally turn strawberry red. New blooms emerge as older blooms change color, giving the plant a multicolored effect in late summer and early fall. The red coloring lasts at least 3-4 weeks. Plants grow upright, then cascade later in the season. Excellent for fresh cut and dried flower arrangements. Flower color varies based on climate and growing conditions. Bred by Jean Renault in France. (CPBR #3963) Height: 6-7' Spread: 5-6' Shape: Upright Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade Foliage: Medium green Fall Foliage: Insignificant Zone: 3-8
#5 hydrangea vanilla strawberr