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Welcome to Baker Landscaping, where our passion is making your vision come to life. With decades of combined experience on our dedicated landscaping team, you can rest assured your job will get done beyond your expectations. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you could use some helpful advice, you can count on us. 
We provide real results for all your landscaping needs. Maybe you’ve: 

  • Just moved into a newly constructed house with a blank slate to liven up. 
  • Been looking at your well-loved home and decided the lawn needs a refresh. 
  • Or decided the yard is just looking a little plain and could use a tree (or three). 

No matter your situation, you'll be proud of how your property looks. And if you simply don’t have time to keep your landscaping looking up to your standards, our crew is ready to help beautify and maintain your property. We’ll do the work, and you can take the credit. 

We’ve been in business for more than 60 years, and when you choose Baker Landscaping and Service, you can expect the same level of service you enjoy inside our store.  

Get inspired by browsing our gallery of past projects, and when you’re ready to make your landscaping dreams come true, fill in the form below. Our team is waiting to bring you joy through expertly grown plants and superior service.  


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