arrabbiata pasta sauce

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Montebello (imported by Stonewall Kitchen) Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

Originally built in 1388, the idyllic Monastery of Montebello has long served as an emblem of agriculture in northern Italy. This is a region prized for its produce, a place where tomatoes go from the vine to the jar within hours of ripening. Lightly cooked with extra virgin olive oil, classic seasonings and chili peppers, these tomatoes create a naturally sweet, slightly spicy sauce that’s organic, Biodynamic® and, most importantly, delicious.

When it comes to great pasta, we go straight to the source: the skilled Italian artisans of Montebello. Using old-world techniques, they craft pasta in its purest, simplest form, starting with a dough made from only spring water and semolina flour that’s organically grown on family farms surrounding an idyllic, 14th-century monastery. The result is authentic pasta that cooks up evenly, holds sauce beautifully and is bite-for-bite as delicious as homemade.


  • 19.75oz jar
  • Made in Italy
  • Imported from Italy
  • Ingredients: Tomato Purée**, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Garlic**, Parsley*, Salt, Chili Pepper*. *Organic **Organic and Biodynamic®
arrabbiata pasta sauce

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