carrot baby finger organic

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Did you know that grocery store baby carrots are actually cut from regular sized carrots? Once you try the sweet flavor and crisp bite of this 3" long, true baby carrot, you will never look back! Though it tastes great fresh from the garden, 'Little Finger' was developed in France for pickling and canning whole.

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

Days to Maturity: 57 days

Family: Apiaceae

Native: Africa, Eurasia

Hardiness: Frost-tolerant biennial grown as an annual

Plant Dimensions: Roots are 3" long at their peak

Variety Information: Smooth, cylindrical, uniform, with deep orange color even before maturity. Will grow to 7" if allowed. 'Little Finger' is a Nantes type carrot.

carrot baby finger organic
carrot baby finger organic