sunflower micro greens organic

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It's no wonder that birds covet the young sunflower greens that emerge in your garden. They know how delectable they are! High in iron, calcium, protein, and healthful unsaturated fat, the greens from these black oil sunflower seeds (loved by microgreen enthusiasts for their fabulous flavor and tender texture) are a nutritious addition to just about any dish that sprouts from your imagination.

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus

Days to Maturity: 10–20 days

Family: Asteraceae

Native: North America

Hardiness: Annual

Variety Information: Sunflower microgreens are meant to be harvested at 1"–2" tall for use as crisp, tender, succulent raw greens. Black oil sunflower seeds are commonly found in birdseed mix and used to make sunflower oil. Any variety of sunflower seed may be grown for its edible, young greens, but the black oil seed produces a very tasty, tender seedling that is often preferred by microgreen enthusiasts.

sunflower micro greens organic