pepper sweet habanada

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bred using traditional open-pollinated techniques to be enjoyed for the unique habanero flavor, but without the heat—thus the name "haba-nada" (no heat). the 2"-3" peppers turn from lime green to bright orange when ripe. try them roasted or fresh. now everyone can enjoy the irresistible tropical flavor of these sweet "habanero" peppers! this packet sows approximately 8 plants when started indoors.

Botanical Name: Capsicum chinense

Days to Maturity: 75–100 days from transplanting

Family: Solanaceae

Native: Brazil

Hardiness: Frost-sensitive perennial grown as an annual

Plant Dimensions: 24" tall, 18" wide

Variety Information: 'Habanada' is a heatless version of the habanero, with a citrusy-floral, slightly spicy flavor. The 2"–3" long peppers are more tapered at the ends, and not blocky like the habanero. Fruit starts out green and turns a bright, tangerine-orange when ripe. 'Habanada' scored just a 1 on the Scoville heat scale, which is enough for a sensitive palate to barely detect warmth.

Attributes: Good for Containers

pepper sweet habanada