Let's Talk About Drainage

In the houseplant world, drainage is super important to allow for excess water to escape from the plant's roots through the bottom-hole in the planter. Drainage especially important for desert plants like succulents and cacti, but stagnate water is not good for the roots of almost all plants.

So then, why do some planters come without a drainage hole?

These planters are designed as cache pots which is a French term for decorative pot cover. Meaning that, they are not intended to be planted in and instead used to cover the plant in it's nursery pot or other container. This doesn't mean that you're stuck using the pot without drainage as a cache pot, though!

We offer drainage hole drilling as a service or you can drill the hole yourself using a 1/2" glass and tile drill bit. Whichever way you decide, let's make sure your plants have adequate drainage. If you have any plant questions, send us a message or comment below!