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This is a listing of some of the evergreens that we carry. Many more varieties are available throughout the season. Please call us or stop in to check out the plants that we have in stock.If you would like to look at the varieties, descriptions and sizes that we carry here at Baker please click the link below for Evergreens.


Evergreens Under 3 Feet


Blue Chip Juniper
Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Chip'

Blue Chip Juniper

Blue coloring all season long. Best in sun or light shade. Compact growth habit.

Height: 6-10"

Width: 3-5'

Prince of Wales Juniper
Juniperus horizontalis 'Prince of Wales'

Prince of Wales Juniper

Low growing Juniper forms a dense mat. Medium green color turns a shade of purple during the cooler months.

Height: 6"

Width: 3-5'

Kally's Compact Juniper
Juniperus pfitzertiana 'Kallay's' Compact

Kallay's Compact Juniper

Fragrant soft to the touch medium green foliage. Tolerant to different kinds of soils with the exception of wet soil. Drought tolerant once established. Prefers full sun.

Height: 24-36"

Width: 4-6'


Russian Cypress
Microbiota decussata

Russian Cypress

Resembles an arborvitae in foliage. Green foliage turns bronze in the winter. Grows well in full sun to full shade. Hardy up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit

Height: 12"

Width: 3-4'


Bird's Nest Spruce
Picea abies 'Nidiformis'

Bird's Nest Spruce

Dense and slow growing. Light green foliage. Great for rock gardens or specimen use. Best in full sun in or minimal shade.

Height: 36"

Width: 2-3'

Dwarf Norway Spruce
Picea abies 'Pumila'

Dwarf Norway Spruce

Forms a broad globe. Light green foliage. Extremely hardy. Prefers cooler temperatures and full sun, but will tolerate light shade.

Height: 36-48"

Width: 3-4'


Thuja occidentalis 'Bobazam'

Mr. Bowling Ball® Arborvitae

Low maintenance. Perfectly round. Can be used for borders, rock gardens, specimen or foundations. Soft and finely textured that is sage green. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Height: 24-36"

Width: 2-3

Thuja occidentalis 'Hetz Midget'

Hetz Midget Arborvitae

Dense and globe shaped. Maintains a globe appearance. Slow growing. Prefers full sun.

Height: 24"

Width: 2-3'

Evergreen Between 3-6 Feet


Juniperus chinesis 'Sea Green'

Sea Green Juniper

Mint-green foliage that darkens in the colder weather. Fountain like arching branches. Excellent foundation plant.

Height: 4-6'

Width: 4-6'


Picea abies 'Pendula'

Weeping Norway Spurce

Slow growing evergreen that has pendulous branching. Excellent specimen plant for the landscape. The short, dark green needles. Prefers full sun to partial shade.

Height: 6'

Width: 8'

Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'

Globe Blue Spruce

Beautiful blue foliage this plant would be great as an accent to any garden! Very slow growing and loves full sun.

Height: 3-5'

Width: 5-6'

Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'

Globe Blue Spruce-Tree Form

This is the same as the Globe Blue Spruce but on the 2' trunk. This mini tree is great as a specimen to any landscape or garden. The Blue-gray color will be at its best in full sun.

Height: 2' Standard

Width: 2-2.5'


Pinus mugo pumilio

Mugo Pine

Dwarf bright green pine in all seasons. Mounded in shape and prunes easy. Very hardy.

Height: 3-5'

Width: 3-6'


Taxus x media 'Dark Green'

Dark Green Yew

Dark green foliage. Likes to be in the shade. Can be used as a hedge or a specimen. Needs good drainage.

Height: 3-5'

Width: 6-8'

Taxus x media 'Tauntoni

Taunton Spreading Yew

Dark green foliage, which has light green new shoots. Very hardy. Resistant to wind burn. Popular as an accent, specimen or foundation plan.

Height 3-4'

Width: 4-6'


Thuja occidentalis 'Holmstrup'

Holmstrup Arborvitae

Upright growth habit. Bright green in color and bushy foliage. Does well in light shade and tolerate poor drainage.

Height: 4-5'

Width: 1.5-2'

Thuja occidentalis 'BailJohn' PP15,850

First Editions® Technito® Arborvitae

Dark green foliage, which remains through the winter. Requires less shearing. Compact pyramidal outline.

Height: 6'

Width: 2.5'

Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardii'

Woodward Globe Arborvitae

Rich green and globe shaped. Little to no trimming. Good in full sun or light shade.

Height: 3-5'

Width: 3-5'

Evergreens between 7-15 Feet


Medora Juniper
Juniperus scopulorum 'Medora'

Medora Juniper

Selected in the Badlands of North Dakota. Has a blue-green color. Slow growing. Prefers full sun.

Height: 10-12'

Width: 2-3'

Sky High Juniper
Juniperus scopulorum 'Bailigh'

First Editions® Sky Hight™ Juniper

Silvery-blue foliage. Columnar in form. Requires a little bit of pruning to maintain its narrow shape. Prefers full sun.

Height: 12-15'

Width: 3-5'

Fat Albert Spruce
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'

Fat Albert Spruce

A true blue spruce that is a slow-growing. Well shaped form. Requires no staking or training.

Height: 15'

Width: 8-10'

Evergreens Taller then 15 feet


Picea glauca densata

Black Hills Spruce

Shapely "Christmas Tree" type evergreen. Blue-green needles. Useful as specimen, hedge or windbreak. Best in full sun but tolerates light shade.

Height: 35-45'

Width: 25-30'

Picea Pungens

Colorado Spruce

Color ranges from gray-green to blue green. Pyramid-shaped evergreen. Dense foliage needs a little shearing. Great as a specimen, hedge or windbreak. Likes fully exposed, well-drained locations. Best in full sun

Height: 60'

Width: 10-20'


Thuja occidentalis 'Pyramidalis'

Pyramidal Arborvitae

Fast growing and hardy. Narrow cone-shaped appearance. Minimal trimming. Bright green foliage. Prefers full sun.

Height: 12-25'

Width: 3-8'

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